Debunking the Common Myths About Poor Credit and Car Loans

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June 26, 2019
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June 26, 2019
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Debunking the Common Myths About Poor Credit and Car Loans

If you are looking into purchasing a car but don’t have the best credit history, it doesn’t mean that you are doomed to high monthly payments or rejection. Getting a car with bad credit isn’t as difficult as you might think. You actually have quite a few options if you are looking to get financing to purchase a car with bad credit. There is plenty of misinformation out there about car financing with poor credit, which is why we’ve put together the following article to set the record straight. Keep reading on below to learn about some of the common myths related to getting a car loan with poor credit.

1. Low Monthly Payments Are More Crucial Than the Loan Terms

Most people that don’t really have a great knowledge level about financing will tell you that low monthly payment is the most important part of a loan. Sure, it’s nice to have a low monthly payment, but there’s nothing more important than making sure you fully understand the loan terms before signing on the dotted line. Going for the lowest monthly payment on your car loan might mean that you are actually getting into a longer and costlier loan. You should always look at the length of the loan, the interest rate, and the monthly payment before making your final decision.

2. Bad Credit Lasts a Lifetime

Another common myth that deters people from getting a car with bad credit is the idea that bad credit will last forever. The truth is that improving your credit score isn’t as difficult as you might think. If you aren’t happy with the financing you are being offered with your poor credit score, you can take action to improve it. You can pay your bills on time or early and avoid credit inquiries to improve your credit score and get better offers for car loans. Thinking ahead can help you improve your credit score and end up with a much better car loan. Bad credit doesn’t have to last a lifetime if you take actionable steps to improve it.

3. You Have No Control Over What You Pay

The last common myth about getting financing for a car purchase with bad credit is the idea that you don’t have control over what you will pay. You might have the perception that you will get taken advantage of when you go to purchase a car because of your low credit score. This can definitely happen, but you should always keep in mind that you are the one that has the power to make a decision. If you don’t like the financing offer you are given, simply walk away. Do your research, get a copy of your credit score, and see what kinds of deals you can get on several different makes and models. The decision is always in your hands, no matter how bad your credit is.

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