The Benefits of Dashboard Cameras

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The Benefits of Dashboard Cameras

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There was a time when dashboard cameras were an expensive luxury. However, today they are widely available and much more affordable. You can purchase a quality dashboard camera for under $100. But do you really need one? The truth is, there are many advantages to having your car outfitted with a dashboard camera including:


If you get into an accident where fault might come into question, then a dashboard camera can capture valuable evidence that can help you with your insurance claim. This can also be extremely helpful if someone is injured in an accident and the case goes to trial. While account from the drivers involved in an accident is not always reliable, there is no denying the evidence captured by a dashboard camera.

Break-Ins & Vandalism

Unfortunately, car break-ins and cases of vandalism are not uncommon. However, a dashboard camera can help you capture the identity of would-be criminals. There are many different dashboard cameras on the market. Some need to be turned on manually. However, others can be set to record whenever someone or something passes in front of your vehicle. That means even if you’re nowhere near your car, your dashboard camera can still be looking out for you. Even having a dashboard camera installed can be a deterrent for criminals.

Young Drivers

When your teen starts driving on their own for the first time, it can be a nerve-wracking time for parents. You can’t be with your child in the car at all times, by a dashboard camera can help give you a little piece of mind. You can check the camera footage periodically to ensure that your young driver is practicing safe habits on the road. Plus, your teen will be aware that the camera is in place, which can help keep them conscious of how they are performing behind the wheel.


Finally, having a dashboard camera in place can actually be a fun way to capture snapshots of your time on the road. If you’re planning a road trip through some beautiful terrain, then a dashboard camera can record the memories of your trip for you to look back on later. If you enjoy taking pictures or video during your vacations, then the footage from your dashboard camera can be a fun compliment to your vacation highlight reel.

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