The Benefits of Purchasing a Used Car

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The Benefits of Purchasing a Used Car

benefits of used cars

On the fence about buying a used car? Here’s why purchasing a used car may be a much better choice than purchasing a used car:

You’ll Save Tons of Money!

A used vehicle can be half the price of its new counterpart. That means you’ll be able to pay of your car much faster, potentially saving thousands of dollars in interest alone.

They Depreciate Slower

You’ve probably heard that the value of a new car drops exponentially the moment you drive off the lot. It’s true! On average, a new car’s value drops more than 10% just on the drive home. That means in less than 24 hours, you could potentially already be upside down on your auto loan. However, since those huge depreciation drops slow down significantly after a car is about a year old, you can count on your used vehicle to retain its value longer.

Dealer Fees

It’s happened to many of us before. You look at the price of a new car online and walk into the dealership thinking you know what to expect. Then, when the time comes to sign paperwork, you get hit with tons dealership fees that you had not planned for in your budget. These excess fees for a new car can sometimes be upwards of one thousand dollars. At a used vehicle dealership, however, you don’t have to worry about paying all the hidden fees that you would if you purchased a new car.

Peace of Mind

Even knowing that they’re way more expensive, many people opt to purchase new vehicles because they’re under the impression that they will be more reliable. It’s true that a new car will be under the original manufacturer warranty, but that does not mean that you are unprotected if you purchase a used car. Certified pre-owned vehicles at a reputable used car dealer are always inspected before they hit the sales lot. Used car dealers will service the vehicle and make any necessary repairs prior to making it available for sale.

In addition, the most trusted used car dealerships, like Credit Country Auto Sales, offer a warranty on their vehicles. That means that even if the original manufacturer warranty has expired on your vehicle, you will still be protected in the event your car needs certain repairs. These types of vehicle warranties can actually be more valuable than new car warranties. There is a much lower chance that something is going to go wrong with your car in the first year than in the second year and beyond. In reality, car manufacturers offer their warranties with little risk on their part.

From lower prices to worry-free guarantees, there are plenty of reasons why you should think used the next time you’re in need of a new vehicle. At Credit Country Auto Sales, we have plenty of near-new vehicles for you to choose from. Visit our dealership today and you could be driving home in a new car or truck that you’ll love in a matter of hours.