The Most Common Used Car Scams and How to Avoid Them

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March 4, 2019
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The Most Common Used Car Scams and How to Avoid Them

There aren’t many feelings that are worse than getting ripped off or wasting money. It hurts to lose money on a mistake that could have been avoided, but sometimes that’s the best way we learn. If you are shopping for used cars, you are making a great decision that will save you thousands of dollars. The benefits of used cars are numerous, but you do need to be careful about some of the common scams that are out there. Purchasing your car from a reputable used car dealership like Credit Country Auto Sales is one way to avoid getting ripped off, but keep reading on to learn about some of the other common used car scams out there.

1. Odometer-Related Fraud

One of the biggest factors that determines a cars overall value is the amount of mileage it has. That’s why you want to watch out for odometer fraud. Before digital odometers, people could raise the back wheels of their car off of the ground and put the car in reverse to get the miles down on their car. It’s gotten a little more complicated for would-be scam artists today thanks to digital odometers, but it’s still a possibility. If the wear and tear on the car seem to not stack up with its total mileage, that’s a definite red flag. You also want to check a car’s Carfax report and other reliable services to verify a used car’s mileage before you make the deal.

2. Stolen Cars

If you are shopping for used cars and you find a great deal that seems too good to be true, the chances are that it really is too good to be true. Stolen cars are sold by private sellers all of the time. You really need to be careful when purchasing used cars from private sellers. Always check the title and registration to see if they match. Another tip to avoid buying stolen cars is to be wary if the seller doesn’t have a fixed address. Perhaps the best way to avoid this scam is to look for used cars for sale at a legitimate dealer like Credit Country Auto.

3. Misleading Factory Warranty

After you find the used car of your dreams, you will probably be anxious to take your new car home. You should still avoid letting emotions get the best of you and do your homework. Often times, people will tell you that the used car still has its factory warranty, when in reality it does not. If the vehicle has been in an accident, the factory warranty is void. It’s also possible that the seller really does think that their car still is under its factory warranty when in reality it’s not. Make sure you get ahold of all of the vehicle’s paperwork and registration information before you complete your used car purchase.

Watch out for these scams and listen to your intuition whenever you are shopping for used cars, particularly if you are buying it from a private seller. It’s better to be safe than sorry!